Nightwing and Batgirl in bed

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It is time to confront the elephant in the room between Dick Grayson, Kori and Barbara Gordon. This awkward love-triangle-esque situation has fueled the the fire between these three superheroes in comics. While Dick Grayson was in Teen Titans as Robin, he met the alien Starfire (Kori) who used him as an instrument of communication by kissing him. This led to a budding romance where they even went as far as to get engaged and walk down the isle to get married. There’s one little wrinkle though: Dick also had romantic feelings for Barbara Gordon. Long story short, Nightwing cheated on Starfire with Batgirl… while engaged to me married. Oh snap!

It turns out that, even as a teenager, Grayson had feeling for Barbara. They would hang out together as Robin and Batgirl patrolling the neighborhood, but also casually as friends while teenagers. They even shared a bite to eat in a diner together as a sort of informal date. Grayson was honest with Barbara, telling her both directly and indirectly that he liked her and wanted to be in a relationship with her. Of course she pulled back and rejected him, as many women in her situation might have done. But as time went on she had a change of heart. Unfortunately by then Dick was Nightwing and was in a relationship with Starfire. Although Kori had genuine love for him, she also came from a culture where physical love was free. So you could argue that Nightwing and Starfire were in more of a sexual relationship more than a romantic one. In fact, Starfire was allegedly his “first”.

Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon Dating

Things take a turn for the worst when Dick proposes to Barbara and disappears during Infinite Crisis. He returns after a lengthy amount of time and finds out that Barbara had her spine injured from the Joker and was wheelchair ridden. In this emotional moment when they meet at her place they kiss and have sex. And I don’t mean it is implied. Grayson is clearly on top of Barbara, both naked and in her bed. When he is done the next morning, he hands her an invitation for his wedding with Starfire and reveals they are engaged. As you might imagine, she didn’t take this very well. So yeah, Nightwing cheated on Starfire with Batgirl. Or I guess Oracle, if you want to be technical. This feels like it came straight out of a soap opera.

So how do we know all of this? A lot of it is told (Affiliate Link) in Nightwing Annual 2 from 2007. There is a lot of juicy stuff in this comic, and the regular demand for it shows how collectible it is. For example, Robin and Batgirl are locked inside a giant safe together and Robin’s face is on her chest. He is so turned on that he gets a hard-on and she can feel it against her leg. Yes this actually happens.

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