first appearance of Anti-Spawn

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While I was growing up, I kept hearing how cool the Spawn comic was. The publisher Image Comics was gaining a lot of steam and people were tripping balls over Todd McFarlane. At the time, I wasn’t a heavy comic reader so I didn’t know spit about Spawn, except for what I gathered from my Wizard Magazine subscription.

From ordering some grab bag comics, I wound up with a handful of Spawn comics including Spawn 16, which contained the first appearance of Anti-Spawn, aka the Redeemer. The plot of Spawn 16 is that Spawn, formerly Al Simmons, has a lot of questions on his mind. One of those questions is about the body he is in. If Al Simmons died, then who is he? Who is buried in Al Simmons’ grave? He digs up his own grave to find… Al Simmons’ body. Which of course, creates more questions than answers.

And, as mentioned, Spawn 16 introduces a new character, the first appearance of Anti-Spawn. Spawn is from hell, and some people are not too happy about it. So why not create his opposite to defeat him, from heaven? The answer is the Anti-Spawn. The body chosen to become the Anti-Spawn was Jason Wynn, if you really care.

Spawn has some great stories, but it’s paramount is its terrific artwork. I remember during its time, Marvel was still printing so-so looking comics that didn’t stand out much at all. In addition, the comics were printed on cheap newsprint with shoddy drawings. Meanwhile, Spawn was printed in the same great quality that comics are printed today. So they were ahead of the curve, to say the least.

Feel free to check out (Affiliate Link) Spawn 16, if you are interested in the first appearance of Anti-Spawn.