Captain America Kills Mystique

I love comics where important people die. It’s like seeing your mom get slapped in the face. It is so shocking that it excites you. Well that is how I felt when I read Age Of X Universe 2. Because Captain America is so super-fly that he show Mystique instantly. BLAM! I love that.

The plot in Age of X Universe 2 is that Captain America, as well as the other Avengers, took on the task to pursue the remaining mutants to Fortess X. However, they discover that they are there to kill them, not capture them. Which Captain America has no problem doing, because Captain America kills Mystique so fast that I can’t believe he is supposed to be among the greatest soldiers.

The artwork is kind of strange in this issue. Particularly with Sue Storm, who looks more like a boy. Her hair is short and she is thin as hell. All the characters look strange in fact. The Hulk has orange veins, and Iron Man looks half-dead. Age of X Universe is strange, I’ll say that much. But that doesn’t matter, because when Captain America kills Mystique, all I can think about is how much Mystique had it coming. Mystique always has undermined the X-Men, and has caused all kind of Chaos.

If you are curious about Age of X Universe, you can get it here.

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