superman strangles wonder woman

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Superman is a funny guy. He’s fought Batman, tried to kill world leaders, and has done a ton of other dumb stuff that only a narrow-minded alien would do. But nothing gets my attention more than when Superman attacks women. I was reading Justice League 14 when I saw something that caught my eye. Superman strangles Wonder Woman?

In Justice League 14 (the New 52 variety) Superman is under the control of Cheetah, or something like that. I don’t have the previous issue, so I’m not sure what the hell is going on. But I do know that Superman loses his marbles, and Superman strangles Wonder Woman, or tries to at least. Conveniently, someone blows some horn and cripples him, and everything is dandy. Batman was present, so I wonder why he didn’t use his kryptonite ring. I must say that if I ever found Batman passed out on the sidewalk, the one thing I would steal from his utility belt would be that ring. Try and stop me now, you red-and-blue boy scout bastard!

Yes, Superman strangles Wonder Woman, but what really gets your attention in Justice League 14 is how much of a pervert Batman is. Superman and Wonder Woman end up kissing in a field by the end of the story (ironic, I know). And of course, Batman is watching from a satellite or something. Then again, it’s hard not to spy on Wonder Woman, especially the New 52 redesign, where the backside of her costume goes way too far up her butt crack.

If you are interested in reading (Affiliate Link) Justice league 14, there are a couple stories included. Whenever I see a modern comic, I expect the artwork to look like crap. However, Tony Daniel does an awesome job, something that I am always pleased to see. So bottom line: Superman strangles Wonder Woman, Batman is a dirty pervert, and new comic books still cost too much money. Okay, that last bit I threw in at the last second, but it’s true.