Batgirl and Robin date

There has always been an intriguing relationship between the first Robin and Batgirl, especially after Starfire entered the mix. Something that you may not have considered too much, however, was the apparent age gap between Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon (Robin and Batgirl).

First of all, how old is Dick Grayson? Because while we watched him grow up throughout the years as he transitioned from Robin to Nightwing, he has gone from teenager to adult and it is impossible to pinpoint his age. However, we know for sure that there was a definite age difference between Robin and Batgirl because of the first time they kissed. It took place in The Batman Family issue 1, which you can read for yourself.
Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon Kiss
However, down the road by issue 10, Barbara Gordon says her age is 25 while Dick is still in his teens. So we know that, at least initially, their ages were at least six years apart. Barbara (Babs) considers this after Dick turns her down after she called to get together, which could have been interpreted as an informal date. Dick’s apparent girlfriend was easedropping and was obviously not too happy with dick talking to another woman over the telephone.
Batgirl and Robin date
Regardless, the flirting between Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon has always been a sort of staple for DC throughout the years. The Batman Family series of comic books is great fun if you enjoy the relationship between Dick and Babs. They are also fairly easy to find too, not being too rare or expensive. It is also interesting to see Dick before he became Nightwing and was still a teenager. But honestly, did anyone seriously expect them to end up together as a couple? Of course not. And since we have answered the question of how old is Dick Grayson, it is a wee bit disgusting to think about, wouldn’t you say? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

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  1. Hi, when Robin kissed Batgirl (Batman Family #1), Dick was 17 or 18. He was Babs’s intern for the summer. And in issue 2 Dick was in college . And the editor in issue 3 of Batman Family described Dick as a “teen” (he actually added quotation marks around the word teen) implying that he was 18 (which is still considered a teen). And I not sure in what issue but it was clarified that there was a 7 year age difference between them, which would make him 18 and her 25 years old. So, he likely was 18.

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