Robin and Batgirl Kiss

You may have wondered: Do Robin and Batgirl kiss ever? There has always been mystery around the whole Robin and Batgirl relationship scenario. In the series Birds of Prey, the two of them do have a relationship, and Dick (Robin) does propose to Barbara (Batgirl). However, by then, Dick was now Nightwing and Barbara was now Oracle.

Regardless of what you know about the Robin and Batgirl relationship, you should know they have kissed as early as 1975.

Are Robin and Batgirl in love when they kiss? No, it’s more like friendly flirting. In The Batman Family, issue 1, the duo lock lips for the first time. Barbara kisses robin in order to distract him from lecturing her. You have to understand that this story was written in the 70s, where sexual liberation, among women especially, was prominent. Robin then swings off immediately, all embarrassed about what had happened.

Perhaps Robin was in the right when lecturing Batgirl. He was trying to convince her that she wasn’t fit for what she was doing. And it’s not like anything ever happened to her, right? I mean, beside being shot in the spine and paralyzed for life.

Enough chit-chat. Want to see Robin and Batgirl smooching? Read The Batman Family issue 1 from 1975.

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