Alpha Flight 1


Feb 28, 2013
alpha flight

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Ever read Alpha Flight (Marvel) ? Recently I was able to get my hands on a couple Alpha Flight comics. This is one of the countless X-Men spin-offs. Just in case following the X-Men was too easy for you, the stories as spanned across dozens of comics.

Alpha Flight 1 begins with the Vindicator, one of the members of Alpha Flight. Alpha Flight being a secret government agency consisting of X-Men, setting up in Canada. After Alpha Flight had become disbanded, Northstar goes to find is sister, Aurora, to convince her to come out of hiding.

Long story short, someone calls the old Alpha Flight team using implants in order to fight a big monster. The cover of Alpha Flight 1 teases you with Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four. But the story inside makes no mention of them whatsoever. Well, some little kid is wearing a Fantastic Four tee shirt, if that counts.

What’s cool about Alpha Flight 1 is that it is double the size of other issues. And unlike 90% of other “#1” issues, the comic is actually a collectable that people seek out. Inside the back cover, there is a mail-in offer for a Kool-Aid Man comic book. Remember how… cool …the Kool-Aid Man was? So make sure to give it a read (affiliate link) if you come across it.

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