Betty Brant and Peter Parker Kiss

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Out of all the love interests over the years, Spider-Man’s girlfriend Betty Brant was his first and most passionate love. The secretary of Jonah Jameson became involved with Peter, but she ultimately married Ned Leeds, a Daily Bugle reporter. But I guess things did not always work out so great because in Amazing Spider-Man 189, she declares to her old flame that her and her husband are through, as Betty Brant and Peter Parker kiss in a way that only lovers do.

Spider-Man's girlfriend and love interest

What made this situation even more interesting was that Parker had told her that he proposed to Mary Jane recently but was turned down. Betty, who had no problem wondering into his apartment, tells him that she is getting a divorce. Despite hesitations, she basically jumps him and wants to rekindle their love, as they make out.

The following page has a caption that says they spent several hours together and that discretion was needed for what was about to happen. So obviously Betty Brant and Peter Parker had sex with each other. Either that or they sat on the couch watching Gone With The Wind on LaserDisc, (affiliate link) a technology which came out the same year as this comic (1978).

Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy Kiss

This is not the first time when Peter Parker had a woman thrown at him. Another one of Spider-Man’s girlfriends and love interests Gwen Stacy did the same thing after he went missing for a while. Why or why Lord does this sort of thing not happen to people like me in real life? Sigh.

Regardless, this issue of Amazing Spider-Man is a cherished part of my collection, and it should be part of yours as well (Affiliate Link). Unless you are heartless bastard, which I doubt. Leave a comment with your thoughts below about which woman you feel Peter should have ended up with.