Clayface Four

Yes, there were at least four Clayfaces. Just typing Clayface Four makes me want to roll my eyes. I discovered this after reading Detective Comics 605, where a Batman imitator was… imitating… Batman. When I think of Clayface, I think of the character from Batman: The Animated Series. By the time we get to Clayface Four, nobody cares anymore.

Or maybe you do care? Detective Comics 605 explains that someone named Kobra created a duplicate of Lia from the Outsiders. To me, all this meant is that Clayface was now a redhead babe. Why does it matter? Well Clayface Four decides to ruin Batman’s reputation (yes, that old chestnut) and steal a bunch of money with some other criminals (an even older chestnut…) .

So what’s my point? No point really, although it is interesting to know that Clayface was a woman at some point. I always find it interesting because you aren’t supposed to hit women, and when you are a superhero who only knows how to fight with your fists, things become… interesting. Seriously though, Clayface Four is a strange character, especially when you think about how it’s the fourth Clayface. Four! How typical of a comic to never let a character simply die. Be sure to check out Detective Comics 605 and judge for yourself.

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