Catwoman 3 Review


Sep 14, 2013
Catwoman 3 Review

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Through a grab bag (Affiliate Link), I came across Catwoman issue 3 from October 1993. This was a very interesting issue because she goes to the Caribbean to track down an assassin. It is also entertaining because it contains good old fashion sexism! As you will find out in this Catwoman 3 review, she encounters a poor family about to be beaten by some soldiers.

In Catwoman 3, as mentioned, Catwoman finds some soldiers about to beat a poor man for stealing some oranges. When Catwoman intervenes, a sexist soldier says “I’ll show you what I do to a woman!” as he raises a baton. I didn’t realize that people from the Caribbean were misogynists. We don’t see Catwoman beaten though. She kicks the crap out of him using those stylish and sexy Catwoman boots of hers.

If you are a fan of Catwoman comics, Catwoman 3 was published by DC around the time period when that lame new Batman came out. You see, after Batman: Knightfall, Bruce Wayne was out of the picture for a while. This ripple effected all related spinoff comics, including Catwoman 3. So in other words, Batman is out of the picture (the real Batman, anyhow) and the supporting characters have to pick up the pieces. Sigh.

Long story short: Catwoman is some hot babe who likes to kick people from the Caribbean in the face. Do you need another reason to check out (Affiliate Link) Catwoman 3? Now hop to it.