Creepy Scarlett Creepy Scarlett Book One

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Through IndyPlanet, I bought this comic called Creepy Scarlett Book One. It was the first time I had ever purchased a true independent comic, and by that I mean not some widespread comic picked up by a major publisher. I had decided to give it a try after finding a follow-up comic on Kickstarter. The book/novel/comic/whatever seems to be a collection of two issues: Creepy Scarlett and the Emerald of Lucifer and Creepy Scarlett: As White As Snow. The two stories are linked.

The story is that Scarlett is left with the Emerald of Lucifer in her care, which is a stone that fell out of Lucifer’s crown. Having it brings great power, apparently. Scarlett had been taught by her adopted father how to fight with a sword. Her background is clouded in mystery. Creepy Scarlett loves candy, and has a stuffed bear as a best friend, which she had named Ted.

Creepy Scarlett Book One has decent artwork and a cool story, albeit a bit cliche. It has some Samurai sword fighting, as well as some dark and interesting aspects. Some unusual characters are introduced as well, such as lollipop-wielding Trixie Von and Pumpkinface, who wears a creepy mask.

From googling Creepy Scarlett, I can see that there are other comics. I do not have a clue about the history or this series, or if it is a series at all. Creepy Scarlett has an obscure origin and may be difficult to find. The main character, Scarlett, is interesting enough that the reader hopes to learn more about her. Creepy Scarlett Book One somehow reminds me of Hack/Slash, so if you are a fan of comics in that sort of style, you may enjoy Creepy Scarlett as well.

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