Batman vs Hulk


May 16, 2022
Batman vs Hulk

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Oh yes, we have another DC and Marvel Comics crossover with the perfect battle of brains versus brawn. Since Hulk is a dumb-dumb and Batman is a genius this is a match made in heaven, unlike the stupid Superman vs Spider-Man that made no logical sense whatsoever. But how could they have crossed paths? Batman is in Gotham City, and Hulk is in New York City. To have Batman vs Hulk I guess some logistics needed to be fudged so let’s dive right in.

Bruce Banner, who is secretly The Hulk, is in a Wayne Research facility because he is interested in an experimental gamma-gun. He thinks it might be the cure to the monster inside him. All is going well until The Joker releases some of his laughing gas but Banner manages to use a radiation suit for its oxygen mask. He then tries to set off the alarm system but Joker’s henchmen grab him and try to kill him. The adrenaline rush causes Banner to turn into The Hulk. Batman shows up but The Joker somehow convinces The Hulk that Batman is the enemy because of how he looks. This is the start of Batman vs Hulk as they play a dance where they try to hit each other.

Hulk vs Batman

Batman tries punching Hulk’s nerve centers in an attempt to paralyze him but his hits have no effect. Hulk takes the attack personally and manages to grab Batman and attempts to break his spine like a pencil. Batman thinks fast and punches Hulk in his ears, but still manages to get cornered. Finally he gets smart and tries some powerful sleeping gas. At first Hulk holds his breath but Batman kicks him in his solar plexus forcing him to open his mouth.

So yeah, when it comes to Batman vs Hulk, it just takes some gas to end the fight. Needless to say The Hulk could always squeeze his head open like a grape, but where’s the challenge in that? If you are able to grab this book (Affiliate Link) I highly recommend you do so. What do you think of this fight of brains versus brawn? Leave a comment.