Deadpool vs Wolverine

An idea that is quite interesting to think about is Deadpool vs Wolverine because they are both similar in one major way. Both of them have healing abilities, making them virtually invulnerable to all sorts of attacks. Deadpool is an unstoppable assassin for hire (like Deathstroke) and Wolverine has lived through many wars, so both are experienced killers. But who would win in a fight?

There are a couple comics we can turn to, however neither one of them are particularly definitive in seeing who would win in a fair fight. In the comic Major X issue 0 we get to witness Deadpool as he is hired to capture Wolverine so his healing abilities could be exploited. (This is not a particularly original premise as Wolverine has been sought after with this purpose in the past.) The fight doesn’t last very long, as they punch, kick and elbow each other a few times before Deadpool shoots some tranquilizer darts with enough sedative to take down a T-Rex. This brings Wolverine to the ground, with his body heavy like lead and his chest on fire. So this whole Deadpool vs Wolverine scenario ends rather quickly and Deadpool wins the battle.

After Wolverine gains consciousness it turns out that he was captured by a group that calls themselves The Watchtower, and wants his healing abilities to heal the world. We also discover that someone named Siryn was getting herself healed in a chemical bath of mutant growth hormones. Deadpool and Wolverine enter another scuffle with Deadpool getting most of the hits in before directing his attention elsewhere.

Wolverine vs Deadpool

Beside this event in Major X issue 0, in Wolverine Annual 99 there was an earlier encounter where Wolverine attacks Deadpool after smelling his scent and seeing him attempting to break into someone’s home. Wolverine hits him in the face with a pipe and they come crashing down through a rooftop. Deadpool throws his sword through Wolverine’s shoulder and pins him to the wall. The fight ends when a werewolf picks up Deadpool and tosses him. The story ends with Wolverine declaring no hard feelings and suggests that Deadpool buys him a beer.

It’s hard to deny that Deadpool can beat Wolverine, as in both stories he manages to get himself into a better position. What are your thoughts about Deadpool vs Wolverine? Leave a comment.

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