Black Cat Tied Up

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If you are a Spider-Man comic fan then you might know that Spider-Man and The Black Cat dated. This took place around the time of Secret Wars. When Spider-Man returned with his slick new black costume she was not very trusting. Around this time also Felicia Hardy, the face behind The Black Cat, decided to take The Kingpin’s seductive offer to gain superpowers like her boyfriend has. Of course The Kingpin, also known as Wilson Fisk, had a trick up his sleeve and decides to use her as a means of getting to him since he knew they were lovers. Fisk hires someone called The Answer to, well, find the answer to Spider-Man’s secrets. This leads to The Black Cat tied up in order to get what he wants.

As requested by Kingpin, The Answer follows Black Cat to her apartment hoping that she will lead him to Spider-Man in order to find his identity. However Felicia and Peter are having a sort of lover’s quarrel, where Felicia doesn’t want anything to do with Peter Parker at all, and only wants to hook up with him when he is Spider-Man. While arguing about this situation on a rooftop, The Answer eavesdrops. (I wonder why Spider-Man’s spider-sense didn’t go off?) He doesn’t hear what he wants so he decides to wait in Felicia’s apartment and lets her know that he is working for The Kingpin. Since she knows that she is in Kingpin’s debt she listens to what he has to say.

tied up Black Cat

It must have been some sort of ruse because she ended up being held hostage on the roof of the police morgue on West 23rd Street. Spider-Man is astounded that after two hours since their conversation that she was already in trouble. He also discovers that The Answer uses a Teflon-like substance that prevents his webbing from sticking to his enemy’s outfit as well as any other object he uses it on. I guess we can add this on the list of Spider-Man’s weaknesses. Here we get to see The Black Cat tied up in order to lure Spider-Man toward him. The Answers lets a fake bomb go off as a distraction in order to recover the body of Silvermane. But let’s be honest here and say that the only thing we care about is seeing Black Cat tied up in her skin-tight outfit with her cleavage popping out. It’s also easy to see her from a sexual standpoint since we know she’s banging Spider-Man. So everyone benefits from reading Spectacular Spider-Man 93 which I highly recommend you buy (Affiliate Link). What is your opinion on this issue? Leave a comment.