Wonder Woman Fights Sinestro

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Green Lantern’s ultimate enemy Sinestro uses a yellow ring fueled by fear and has similar abilities to Green Lantern’s ring. So you know that he is one bad dude, powerful enough to take down all sorts of people. But what about Wonder Woman? This is hard to say since the power is not solely within the ring but within the imagination of the person who wields it. This is seen best in Wonder Woman 110.

It turns out that Sinestro (and The Flash in the previous issue) appeared from a computer system known as a virtual reanimator. A scientist preserved his son’s mind in computer banks, and he has been letting his son run the system like a video game. Although not as sharp or clever as the real Sinestro, one appears nonetheless and summons Wonder Woman. Soon enough she appears and we get to see Wonder Woman fighting Sinestro. He tries to grab her with a giant hand, but Diana simply grabs the arm and whips him with it. He then tries to capture her in a cage and throw a sword at her but she escapes both attempts. Wonder Woman is confused why his skill does not match up with his legend.

Wonder Woman Captured

The trouble really starts when Sinestro cuts a traffic bridge in half, one that crosses a major river. Diana manages to use her lasso to hold up half the bridge before it collapses, allowing traffic to make its way across before letting it fall. Wonder Woman and Sinestro continue to battle but it’s not until Sinestro decides to encase her in a solid structure resembling amber does she begin to have trouble in the battle. The amber-like substance pushes insider her, filling her mouth and nose, thus choking her. She is defeated until another character called Champion crushes Sinestro’s hand and ring, causing his defeat.

This is a rather awkward situation, since Wonder Woman was captured by Sinestro before being rescued. This wasn’t even the real Sinestro, so this may show the limits of her powers. Be sure to pick up (Affiliate Link) Wonder Woman 110 from 1996 to read it for yourself.