Hulk Lifts a Mountain

In the comic book series Incredible Hulk issue 150 we see the action right away. Hulk is being attacked with gas from helicopters, led by General Ross. Also known as Thunderbolt Ross, the General is leading what is called Project Greenskin, a plan to hold The Hulk long enough so he can revert back to Bruce Banner. The Hulk manages to escape the situation but is found by dawn. When the gas bombs fail to work due to the wind blowing away the gas, they try to use rocket darts but The Hulk’s survival instincts are too good. Ross is forced to retreat when orders from Washington demand that activities be suspended pending congressional hearing. This is the prelude to a crazy story where The Hulk lifts a mountain out of rage.

After escaping Project Greenskin, Hulk contemplates about his past love Jarella, a girl with green skin who loved Hulk for himself. Meanwhile Glen Talbot is escorting Betty Ross, Bruce Banner’s love, to get close to The Hulk and see what he’s doing. He is seeking Jarella and mistakenly identifies a woman named Lorna Dane (Polaris), a green-haired lady with magnetic powers, to be her. Dane happens to be the girlfriend of the powerful character Alex Summers (Havok) both associated with The X-Men. Hulk carries Dane to the top of a mountain and doesn’t realize that he made a mistake until they are at the top. He sees an army Jeep with Talbot and Ross in the distance and thinks that Dane tricked him into a military attack. Havok shows up to save his girlfriend and Hulk jumps off the mountain to fight him. He is surprised at Havok’s power. This is when The Hulk lifts a mountain (or at least a piece of it). There’s a twist though: Dane is still at the top of it!

Hulk Lifting Mountain

Havok has no choice but to concentrate his power into Hulk’s mind and cause him pain. He uses this torture until Hulk softly puts down the mountain. He also conveniently realizes that he has the power to control his abilities and uses it to lower Lorna back to Earth from the mountain top. Meanwhile The Hulk is so strained that he turns back into Bruce Banner. Betty Ross reaches him and Banner speaks of Jarella, making Betty cry. But we don’t care about any of that since we just wanted to see Hulk lift a mountain. Get a hold of (Affiliate Link) Incredible Hulk 150 yourself to read this monumental issue.