lonely place of dying

Who would Batman be without a Robin? That is what A Lonely Place of Dying is all about. The story tells about how the third Robin came to be. The first Robin grew up to become Nightwing, and the second Robin died at the hand of the Joker. After the second, Batman began to break down and become more violent. He told himself that he could never allow himself to put another sidekick in danger. Or could he?

In A Lonely Place of Dying, a boy puts the pieces together and discovers the identities of both Batman and Nightwing. He uses this to convince Nightwing to become Robin again. Batman refuses to believe that he needs Robin. Eventually, the boy does convince Batman, as he proves it by becoming the new Robin.

A Lonely Place of Dying is many stories in one. We learn about Nightwing’s past in the circus, as well as discover a murder ploy that was being used to try and shut the circus down. It adds more depth to the graphic novel and makes it worth reading even more than it already is. It is definitely in the top ten best Batman graphic novels that you have to read. (affiliate link)

The third Robin was a lot better than that total brat that the Joker killed. Comment below and tell me what you think.

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