Spider-Man Battles the Vulture

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Spider-Man has fought the Vulture many times, but the first time was in Amazing Spider-Man issue 2 from 1963. One of the earliest foes Spider-Man had encountered had also been one of the most clever. Written by Stan Lee and illustrated by Steve Ditko, the story was called “Duel to the Death With The Vulture”. It continues from the previous issue when Spider-Man fights with The Fantastic Four.

What makes the situation so clever is that The Vulture is an old man. You see, when Spider-Man was first written, he was a teenage boy. So it became a battle of young versus old. And When Spider-Man battles the Vulture, it becomes a test of both brawn and brains. It is this reason that made Amazing Spider-Man issue 2 such a classic. The Vulture was the first villain Spider-Man had ever fought.

The story in Amazing Spider-Man 2 was that the Vulture was a crook that had was somehow able to fly. He would use his flying abilities to grab valuables from peoples’ hands and quickly escape. A young Peter Parker has to then outsmart his new foe as Spider-Man. When Spider-Man battles the Vulture, it is with his science knowledge that helps him discover the Vulture’s secret and eventually defeat him.

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The Vulture may have been a formidable foe for Spider-Man, but let’s be real, he’s just a grumpy old man with wings. I mean, did he really think he could outsmart a teenager with superpowers? Maybe if he had invested in a retirement plan instead of a set of wings, he wouldn’t have had to resort to a life of crime. And let’s not even get started on his fashion sense.

The Vulture seems to fit the bill quite nicely for someone with memory loss. The amount of times he’s been defeated by Spider-Man and subsequently returned for another bout suggest a certain level of forgetfulness. If you’ve already been beaten by a teenager with superpowers, wouldn’t you think twice before picking another fight? It’s almost as if he sees Spider-Man as a pesky neighbor that he can’t get rid of.