Mysterio wearing a suit

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If you read Spider-Man comics, you may know about Mysterio, the man that can cause illusions. Well, recently I was going through Marvel Super Heroes Magazine (Affiliate Link), which I guess is Disney’s way of getting young kids hooked on comic books. What I saw inside was nothing short of hilarious.

Insider were several pictures of Mysterio wearing a suit. Now remember, Mysterio’s “head” is simple a sphere. So how does he wear a suit? Even while seeing it square in the face with unadulterated eyes, I still don’t know the answer. It is just a picture of a suit with a ball sticking out of it. It seems like a thing that would be in a parody or something.

Mysterio in a business suit

Mysterio is wearing a suit because he, and the Sinister Six, were going to pretend to be celebrities using Mysterio’s illusion abilities. And here I wonder why can’t Mysterio give the illusion of them wearing suits as well? Doesn’t matter, I suppose. The pictures of Mysterio wearing a suit would make a great internet maim. The more I look at it, the more I can’t believe it. Like when I found out how much money a douche-bag can make singing on YouTube. Nothing short of unbelievable.

Who knew Mysterio had such fashion sense? I mean, you have to give him credit. For a villain who’s so used to tricking people with his illusions, he still found time to coordinate his suit with his spherical head. Maybe he’s trying to raise his fashion game, or maybe it’s just a practical joke to mess with Spider-Man. Either way, no amount of tailoring or expensive fabrics will help him escape the fact that he has a giant glass orb for a head. It’s like trying to put a tuxedo on a chicken; it might look amusing, but it won’t change the fact that it’s a chicken. Mysterio’s suit is just a facade for his true nature, a deceitful villain trying to trick the heroes and the world. So while his fashion sense might have improved, it still can’t hide the fact that he’s up to no good.

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