danger club comic

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Let me tell you about this awesome comic series (Affiliate Link) from Image: Danger Club. It is about the sidekicks of superheroes being left with the world in their hands. To make matters worse, the world leader is killing them off as terrorists. Full of action and suspense, the Danger Club comic delivers on all fronts.

Earth’s original heroes left the planet together, and left their sidekicks to take their place. Basically, a bunch of kids are left to fight any evil that they were bound to run into. They form what is called the Danger Club. This comic series was created by Laundry Walker (script) and Eric Jones (artwork). Both do a fantastic job, however some outstanding artwork is worth pointing out. Eric Jones uses lots of bright and bold colors, which he combines with characters that have a slight anime influence to them.

The teen superheroes that make up the Danger Club comic are fearless. So fearless that they throw themselves into harm’s way. You see, Danger Club can be pretty violent. Now don’t get me wrong, Image Comics is no stranger to violence, but you wouldn’t expect so much blood from a comic like this. The drawings look a little cartoon-like, as if it was written for kids.

Continuing on with the theme of the Danger Club comic series, it is truly striking how these teenage sidekicks have taken it upon themselves to be the heroes of the world. What is even more ironic is how they willingly put themselves in harm’s way, risking their lives, even though they are just a bunch of kids. But this is what makes the comic even more enjoyable to read. The Danger Club characters are relatable and have a depth that is often lacking in other superhero stories. It’s funny to imagine a group of kids being left in charge of the world, fighting off evil villains and corrupt leaders. It’s like putting a bunch of toddlers in a room with a pack of wolves and asking them to come out unscathed. But that’s exactly what happens in the Danger Club comic series. These young sidekicks are forced to take on the responsibilities of their adult counterparts, and they do so with incredible bravery and determination.

Bottom line, the Danger Club comic series is awesome. Too awesome to pass up, in fact. So do yourself a little favor and get yourself a treat. Because the flavor is action and it tastes awesome.