Daredevil and SpiderMan

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Take Daredevil and Spider-Man, add a dash of Yakuza, and what do you get? One awesome fight sequence, that’s what! I always love it when these guys team up, because it always means that someone’s butt is going to be beaten to a pulp. In Daredevil 60 (Marvel Knights), Daredevil gets some reinforcements from his super-hero friends after being badly beaten.

The Yakuza have been selling some sort of synthetic genetic drug that gives people super-powers. So Daredevil teams up with Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Spider-Man, so they can beat them into last century. The focus, however, is mostly on Daredevil and Spider-Man. The artwork is very realistic, to the point that they may even have been photographs. That doesn’t matter, though, because the comic looks amazing. Nothing looks forced or artificial.

The truth is that the Daredevil and Spider-Man team-up is always a much-anticipated event in the comic book world. It’s like a crossover that fans just can’t resist. I mean, who doesn’t want to see Spider-Man quip his way through a fight while Daredevil broods in the shadows? The possibilities for humor and drama are endless.

I mean, what’s not to love about a team-up between Daredevil and Spider-Man? They’re like two peas in a pod, except one is blind, and the other has a funky spidey-sense. But I guess that is part of their charm though, right? Together, they make the perfect crime-fighting duo… if you don’t count the times when they accidentally beat each other up instead of the bad guys.

Daredevil 60 (second series) is part of what is called “The King of Hell’s Kitchen”, and it’s part 5 of 5. From Brian Michael Bendis and part of an award-winning series, it is some great stuff. It is written like a crime drama, as a gritty comic series should be. If you have the extra time and cash, you really should add this to your bookshelf. It is too good to pass up.