Joker Shoots Robin

Considering how many sidekicks named Robin that Batman had, you would have thought that there would have been multiple Batman characters who died or retired as well. While Bruce Wayne will always be remembered as Batman, the same cannot be said for his crime-fighting partner Robin. This is because, throughout the history of the caped crusader, Robin had either retired or died, giving a reason for the character to be replaced. So without further ado, here are all Robins in order.

Dick Grayson

Batman Slaps Robin original

This is the original Robin that we all know and love. The original orphan that Batman adopted and took in as his protégé, Grayson’s background in acrobatics already gave him an advantage in crime fighting. When considering all Robins in order, it’s hard not to think of the one we loved the most. Grayson went on to become Nightwing after joining The Teen Titans and wanting to be his own identity. There is a lot that could be said about Dick Grayson, such as his iconic relationship with Starfire, but also that he is a womanizer in a skin-tight outfit that makes him an appealing character to readers.

Jason Todd

Jason Todd Fights Batman

After Dick Grayson left to do his own thing, Batman found some punk kid trying to steal the tires off the Batmobile. This apparently appealed to The Dark Knight, since he took Jason Todd in as his new sidekick. But when considering all Robins in order, you may not realize how much people hated this character at the time. He came off as whiny and annoying, something that fans would not appreciate. Eventually, DC had to drop him. They accomplished this by having him beaten by a crowbar, then killed in an explosion by The Joker. Amazingly, Jason Todd later had his life restored and returned to comics as the anti-hero called Red Hood.

Tim Drake

Robing blowing birthday candles

You may not immediately think of Time Drake when the name Robin comes up. Due to the growing popularity of Batman from the Tim Burton movies, he appeared in the early 90s with his own comic series, simply titled “Robin”. (You know, those completely worthless comics that sat in bargain bins for decades?) Probably his most memorable story arc was his involvement in the infamous Knightfall saga, when Drake had to increase his crime-fighting responsibilities after Batman was critically injured. What’s interesting about Drake is that he always got along well with Dick Grayson, even teaming up together. He was also especially adept with computers and problem-solving, which helped make him a perfect fit for his role.

Stephanie Brown

Stephanie Brown as Robin

Not only was Time Drake Robin, but so was his girlfriend Stephanie Brown for a short period of time. In a single issue, she went from demanding to Batman to become Robin, to actually being trained by The Dark Knight himself and becoming his sidekick. It was so rapid that it was no surprise that it didn’t last long. In the same year, Stephanie Brown not only retired from her association with Batman, but was killed entirely. For this reason, many people are completely unaware that there was a female sidekick at all. (Unless you consider The Dark Knight Returns.)

Damian Wayne

Flash punching Robin in face

When thinking about all the Robins in order, Damian may be the most interesting. Based on the story Son of the Demon, (which, ironically, was never meant to be canon) Bruce Wayne impregnates Talia Al Ghul and conceives Damian. Talia’s father had intended this since the two of them first met. Damian was trained by The League of Assassins, a group associated with his mother. Since he was trained to be a ruthless killer, Batman was tasked with the uphill battle of retraining him to align with his own morals. Despite his initial concerns, Bruce does grow to appreciate and be proud of the way his son turned out.

Yeah, so that’s all the Robins. Unless more develop later, but don’t expect me to update this article. I have more important things to do. Like work my day job, or play Pokémon Go. Let me know which sidekick was your favorite in the comments.

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