Robin and Starfire

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In the New Teen Titans, Grayson and Starfire gets cozy as they move in together. Or I should say Kori? Dick Grayson has been having reoccurring dreams where he makes love to Raven. It turns out that Raven misinterpreted a kiss from Dick and thinks he is in love with her. While this is all going on, Starfire is surprisingly cool with all of this.

There are a couple things that are hard to not notice about this issue. First, Starfire is naked and lying in bed the majority of the time in this comic. And second, Dick sleeps with his pants on. Why the artist felt that the woman has to be completely naked but the man has to be completely covered below the belt is beyond me.

Something else that grabbed my attention is that the title of the comic is the New Teen Titans. This is volume 2, issue 39. For a comic with the word “teen” on the cover, you would think there would be more teens in the comic. But there are none, because the characters are all grown up.

Starfire in bed

Whether this is good or bad is up to you. It depends on how you feel about the New Teen Titans. If you like the original series, this may not be a good thing. If you don’t like the original series, this might be a good thing.

The art in this comic is pretty good. The characters look pretty much like they did in the original series and the backgrounds are pretty nice as well.

Overall, I would say that this issue is pretty decent. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either. It was just okay and I would recommend it to people who are fans of the original series or people who are fans of Nightwing/Dick Grayson in general.

Dick Grayson, also known as Nightwing, and Starfire, the Tamaranean princess, have shared a rich and complex relationship history throughout the years in the DC Comics universe. This iconic duo first met as teenagers when they joined the Teen Titans, a group of young superhero sidekicks. Together, they have faced countless challenges and grown not only as heroes, but as a couple adapting to each other’s distinct personalities and cultures. Their mutual bond has stood the test of time, even as their relationship evolved through different stages, making them a truly unforgettable pair in the realm of superhero romance.

If you are a fan of Grayson and Starfire being in a relationship, you should definitely read this issue (Affiliate Link). The story is called “Loving You” and is from the second series of the New Teen Titans.

Why They Are Good Together

To start with, Kori and Dick Grayson’s past is highly layered and intense. In the Teen Titans team, they battled together against many foes as friends. Because they both went through pain and suffering, their understanding has deepened. It is due to their common experiences that a strong basis for love has formed, which was not only an ethereal passion.

One key element of any relationship is communication, and they are no exception to this rule. They possess a bond that is built on trust and transparency, which implies that they do not shy away from sharing their thoughts or feelings with each other. This type of dialogue contributes to a profound comprehension and an inseparable tie between two individuals, giving them an unbeatable force as partners in both war and peace.

Regarding their personalities, they represent the ideal equilibrium. As a warrior, Starfire is fierce and passionate. On the other hand, Dick is a thinker who strategizes and analyzes. This combination enables them to unite effectively: Starfire contributes her strength and power, while Dick adds his intelligence and ability for tactical planning. They complement each other by enhancing their strengths or compensating for weaknesses, making them an unbeatable pair.

They are two characters who have a sense of justice and morality. Both of them believe in their responsibility and will take any risk to save people from criminal activities and fight against what is evil. It is this moral code that binds them together, as it forms the basis on which they stand for a common goal and purpose. In love as well as in their struggle for justice, they are not only partners but comrades in arms.

Meanwhile, the irresistible chemistry between Dick and Kori should not be ignored. From their first encounter, they have felt a special connection, an inner flame that only burns brighter with time. They possess a love so profound and intense that it withstands numerous trials and emerges victorious. This is why fans adore them as a couple; this connection has also earned them the reputation of being one of the greatest superhero pairs in comic book lore.