Worst Batman Puns Two-Face

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When most people think of Batman puns, they think of Schwarzenegger as Mr Freeze in that Batman and Robin movie. Or perhaps they think of the campy Batman television series from the 60s. What you probably would not expect, however, is the horrible amount of puns in Batman: Two-Face Strikes Twice, book 2 (Affiliate Link).

It is two stories in one, one of those annoying books where half of it is upside down. Anyway, the first story has a golden-age look to it, so I suppose the writer took that as license to create the worst Batman Puns seen in comics by myself, others, or any space aliens that happen to be spying on us. I have gathered a few of them for your pleasure. And believe me, these are far worse than anything you had seen in a movie.
“One punch for two faces — quite a bargain!” is not even clever. It is just bizarre. Another one is “here’s a third face for you, two-face” as Batman hits Two-Face in the face with a face mask. It goes beyond the “silly” phase and shoots directly into “incredibly stupid”. I suppose this kind of stuff is somehow funny to someone, but I assume this sort of humor died along with the television show during the 60s. Batman: Two-Face Strikes Twice was published in 1993.

All of these terrible puns are in part one. In part two (accessed by flipping the book over) it carries a more serious tone and the pages are painted more realistically. The only problem is that the illustrator lacks some technical drawing ability, causing some characters and perspective to look goofy. It reminded me of the awkward panels in Thrillkiller. In one panel in particular, Batman looks as if he landed on his head and might be mentally disabled.
retarded Batman
This is saying a lot when he is meant to come off as the world’s greatest detective, but rather looks like the world’s greatest moron instead. I was not particularly impressed with these stories. Despite the negativity toward the artwork, the second story really is fine overall, although I would not pitch Two-Face Strikes Twice as one of my favorites.