Wolverine motorcycle

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Is Wolverine killable? I hope not, because he brings his motorcycle up an elevator to break into SHIELD. Without the help of the X-Men and with the same furious nature as the animal he is named after, he takes his wild costume and scruffy beard on a fun ride that makes the agents quiver in their boots. Piece of cake, right?

This is the introduction to Wolverine 50 (Affiliate Link) from 1992. Logan pushes his motorcycle up the stairs to avoid security and basically blackmails Nick Fury so he can get his CIA file. He uses this information to discover that past memories were actually acted out, and were probably artificially implanted!

Wolverine finds out a lot about his past in this issue and the Weapon X program. Silver Fox also makes an appearance while he is fighting identical robots that call itself The Destroyer, which is actually run by a learning computer called Shiva. This is really early-90s comics at its best. There is incredible action and story in this issue, which you do not see too often anymore.

Of course, just seeing Wolverine’s metal adamantium claws shredding walls as if they were made of paper is always worth checking out (Affiliate Link). Also, Marc Silvestri graces the pages with is Wolverine drawings. His work was clearly an influence on Jim Lee, as their styles are similar. It is even mentioned in the fan mail section in the back of the comic.

Needless to say, Wolverine issue 50 is a fun read and is worth searching for. You will not be searching for very long though, for it is easy to find. In fact, I saw a copy earlier today in a thrift shop.

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