Cry For Dawn

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One of the most curious comic series’ of all time may have been under your nose the entire time.

During the early 90s, an artist that went by the name Joseph Michael Linsner created a self-published comic series called Cry For Dawn. Since then, he had gained world-wide recognition for not just his amazing artwork, but his dark and beautiful lead character Dawn as well. I decided to track down all nine original issues to satisfy my curiosity.
Dawn comic character

Cry For Dawn Made Me Cry For Sure

Cry for Dawn is both entertaining and gruesome. As a horror magazine, you expect shockers, but this series goes above and beyond. There are images that will make you puke. Aborted fetuses being eaten, a vagina with teeth, and detailed rotting corpses are just a few images that will make you lose your lunch.

Remember Tales From The Crypt? I meant the cable television show, not the comic that, despite reputation, was not that graphic. Anyway, the show was awesomely disgusting and ironic. And, absolutely, the Cry For Dawn comic reminds me of that show. The later issues had stories by other artists, but who wants to see a story not illustrated by Joseph Linsner? He has a way of drawing both men and women in amazing ways. But strangely enough, he also has a cartoon-like style that is sometimes apparent.
Joseph Linsner faces

These gut-churning images are easily forgiven because the stories are fantastic and the artwork is like no others you have seen. The shading is nonparallel in detail to any other black and white comic. It is no wonder that the series that made a name of Joseph Linsner has turned into a rare collectable (Affiliate Link).

Be sure to check out Cry For Dawn if you have not already. Fan? Yes? No? Leave your comments below.