Punisher G Force

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Picture the Punisher going into space to derail a drug smuggling scheme. It happens in a graphic novel called The Punisher: G Force. Published by Marvel Comics, this amazing read pushes storytelling to the max and makes you feel as if you were acting in a movie.

Fighting crime one night with his usual armory of weapons, Frank Castle, aka the Punisher, suddenly finds a coked up woman through his windshield, leaped from a tall building onto his car. With his fellow sidekick hacker’s help, Micro, he tracks the smuggling to a French space station, which had been using a laser shot from outer space to incinerate the competition.

Written by Mike Baron and penciled by Hugh Haynes, The Punisher: G Force (Affiliate Link) from 1992 is consistent with the characterization of our leading protagonist during its time period: tactical, suicidal, and hell-bent on ending the war on crime. What makes the story interesting is that the Punisher is force to inject cocaine into his vein more than once.

This is 90s Punisher at his best. In some comic books or graphic novels, he does something ridiculous, like duct-tape books onto his body as a make-shift version of body armor. It happens in every story, actually. His ingenuity is what made him such a wonderful character to read. This is the way it was during the 90s. Unlike now, where Punisher could not care less about his original intentions and does dumb stuff like sleep with Elektra.

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