Terminator baby

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If you are a fan of action movies and have not lived in a cave all of your life, no doubt that you have heard of this movie called Terminator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. An army of armored machines disguised as humans decide to try and destroy the human race. The plot goes deeper than that and involves time travel, but if you are reading this then you either already know the plot or perhaps just do not care that much.

I will tell you something that you may have not know, however: there are Terminator babies. Yes, killing machines disguised as babies. Why? I have no idea, but they exist in the first issue of a comic called The Terminator (Affiliate Link). I remember seeing the awesome cover of this comic featured in Wizard Magazine during the 90s and had to have it. Sadly, the inside art does not even touch the awesomeness that the front cover oozes, and even lacks basic material such as backgrounds.

In the story, a woman carrying her baby trips and falls on her kid. A group of human fighters spots her and realizes that a human would never fall in that way, allowing her child to be hurt. This is when they both get blasted. The crazy part though is that the baby turns out to be a Terminator as well, doing a couple flips before running away. It was super strange. What is the purpose of this?

The story of the first issue of Terminator was pretty sweet. Scientists have been living on the moon and have crash landed. Also, the Terminators have what they call a “flesh farm”, where they create machine sympathizers so they can co-exist. As weird as it sounds, it makes things interesting. As one character points out, what are they going to do with the sympathizers after the machines have been killed?