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You may have heard of Turok Dinosaur Hunter from playing the video games. For me, I first heard of Turok from the insanely popular (affiliate link) Nintendo 64 game. However, Turok Dinosaur Hunter was originally a comic book that had been passed from publisher to publisher for decades.

The Turok comic that is the most interesting was the series published by Valiant. Why? Well you see, Valiant comics was later sold to Acclaim, the publisher of the Turok Dinosaur Hunter game for Nintendo 64 (the original Turok game). So in other words, it is the Valiant version of Turok that had become popular.

In Valiant’s Turok Dinosaur Hunter, Turok is a Native American who hunts dinosaurs, aliens, demons, and all kinds of stuff. Although this may seem incredibly dumb now, for a comic series published in 1993 it was awesome. The 90s was all about being over-the-top with macho-ism, guns, babes, and sunglasses. And nothing fits the time better than a native fighting bionically-implanted dinosaurs with an M-16 machine gun. If you don’t believe me, play some 90s video games. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

…Now that you have a taste of 90s action, you are no doubt craving for more. Happy to oblige! There are many places to find back issues of comic books from the 90s (or whenever) such as my comic shop (Affiliate Link), which seems to be one of the most popular. I love shopping for comics. It’s almost as fun as hunting dinosaurs with a machine gun.

Are you a fan of Turok Dinosaur Hunter? The stories and action were great. Leave your comments below.