Dancer Comic Review


Mar 26, 2013
Dancer comic

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Recently I picked up this comic called Dancer. Written by Nathan Edmonson and illustrated by Nic Klein, this was a winning combination I was anxious to grab. The Dancer comic is a winner, as I will explain.

Just to review the Dancer comic plot real quick: An old assassin has a ballerina girlfriend in Italy (I think) whose past comes to haunt him. Now he is on the run and is forced to bring along the woman he loves. He is fired at endlessly by a sniper that will stop at nothing. What will happen to our hero and his beautiful companion?

Obviously I don’t want to give anything away, but the story in the Dancer comics is great. It has a Bourne Identity feel to it, with assassin against assassin. His dancer girlfriend is cute as a button with her freckled face. She doesn’t look like a fantasy girlfriend; instead she looks like one that you would have in real life. Attractive, but not seven-feet tall with gigantic breasts.

dancer comic review

As mentioned, the writer is Nathan Edmonson, who also wrote Olympus. He is a very talented writer, as his cult following proves. The Dancer comic is published by Image. You should check to see if there are any copies of the Dancer trade paperback (affilliate link) left which will help fill the empty void in your life.

Nathan Edmonson

The writer is Nathan Edmondson from Augusta, GA, who is a screenwriter and a comic book creator. He crafts storylines that are both captivating and cinematic, combining action, mystery, and romance seamlessly. Among the espionage-oriented series to his credit are Olympus, The Light, The Activity, and Dancer. He has also written for DC Comics (Grifter) and Marvel Comics (Ultimate Iron Man, Black Widow, The Punisher), as well as for Ubisoft (Splinter Cell: Echoes). Noteworthy is his book “Who Is Jake Ellis?”, which has been nominated for an Eisner award.

What differentiates Nathan Edmonson from other comic book authors is the careful research he does and how much of a perfectionist he is. He does not only write about spies or assassins but actually spends time with them! To make his stories as accurate and genuine as possible, he consults former CIA operatives, military veterans, intelligence experts, and snipers. Moreover, to capture the climate and way of life at each place, he often goes on location in countries such as Italy, Germany, Russia, or France.

The Dancer is one of Edmonson’s most famous novels, and not without good reason. It’s a fast-paced, suspenseful narrative that never disappoints its readers. Moreover, it has a love story at its heart that is touching and tragic, with two individuals from different walks of life brought together by their respective destinies along with danger. Alan Fisher is the principal character who retired from being a CIA operative in his violent life and decided to live quietly in Milan. On the other hand, Quinn O’Riordan is an Irish ballerina whose dream is to dance on the world’s largest stages.

They are victimized by a sniper whose intelligence exceeds that of a novel – this sniper seems to know everything about Alan’s past and present. Their lives are turned upside down. As they race through Europe desperately trying to stay alive, they have to uncover the identity of their pursuer and what he wants before time runs out.

The fantastic art by Nic Klein blends perfectly with Edmondson’s script. Klein employs realistic and gritty lines that fit the feel and atmosphere of the story. He utilizes separate color schemes for the present time frame and flashbacks, as well as contrasting environments. His action sequences are full of motion and intensity, whereas his more tranquil scenes are imbued with an intimate mood. Furthermore, his character designs are fascinating; in particular, the sniper that adorns himself in a dark mask, preventing others from seeing his intentions or who he truly is.

The comic book entitled Dancer is a true masterpiece that captivates you as soon as you open the first page and does not release you until the last one. This is the kind of comic that could bring to life even without resorting to supernatural or sci-fi details. In other words, it is an intelligent, sophisticated, and suspenseful story; it would be of interest to those who are fans of action movies such as The Bourne Identity, Leon: The Professional, or La Femme Nikita. At the same time, it’s a reflection of Nathan Edmonson’s brilliant mind in coming up with engaging and original stories that stand out from the rest.