Dynamite Vampirella

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It is hard not to be a fan of Vampirella. Cool, sexy and violent, she is a character that is hard to hate. Her origin varies from story to story, but one thing remains consistent: she is a vampire. Dynamite Entertainment acquired the rights to the character from Harris Publications, who obtained the rights from Warren Publishing.

This comic series from Dynamite is awesome. Vampirella now hunts down other vampires and similar supernatural threats. In issue 2, for example, she tracks a group to France, where she sprays blood all over the place. She even uses holy water and stakes, like you would imagine. But best of all, she sinks her teeth into flesh the way only a vampire could.

The artists and contributors for these comics does a fantastic job. The first few issues were illustrated by Wagner Reis and Fabniano Neves. The coloring is also exceptional. Combined with the inking, characters and backgrounds are vibrant and three-dimensional.

If you are a fan of Vampirella, you are in for a real treat. The comics come in many attractive variant covers that would make any collector proud. Dynamite also has an impressive selection of graphic novels available. (Affiliate link.)

Her History

Vampirella is a comic book character who has captured the imagination of readers for more than fifty years. She is an alluring, strong, and seductive vampire that is part of the world’s well-known comic idols. How about we track back to where this everlasting icon was born?

The year that marked the birth of Vampirella is 1969. Warren Publishing released her inaugural issue in a magazine bearing her name. The masterminds behind this unique comic book personality were Forrest J Ackerman and Trina Robbins, while Frank Frazetta provided his artistic talents. Initially, the character was meant to be a hostess for horror stories, much like Elvira; however, the creators soon changed their minds and turned her into a full-fledged character with her own dark and mysterious history.

She made her debut in her supernatural state as a highly proficient alien from Drakulon, whose blood ran like water. She arrived on Earth to accomplish her vengeance against the vampire race, which exterminated her home planet. However, when she got there, she came across an alternative fate—shielding people from the sinister beings that lurk in the dark.

Due to her incredible background story and her mesmerizing appearance, the character swiftly became well-liked with fans. She was seen as an eye-catching vampire that possessed strength and beauty simultaneously. With her long black hair, red clothing, and distinct white collar, this character managed to be perfectly horrific and sensual at the same time, standing out from the traditional masculine ways the comic book industry operates.

During the 1970s, her popularity continued to surge, and she even acquired her own comic series. Nonetheless, in the early eighties, it was a difficult time for her character because of the Comics Code Authority, which implemented strict guidelines on how violence and sexuality should be portrayed in comics. Consequently, Vampirella had her series canceled and went into hibernation for a number of years.

However, in the 1990s, she made her return due to the emergence of independent comic book publishers. With the reinvention of her character, she was now being published by Harris Comics. She transformed into an anti-hero battling against vampires as well as humans who tried to cause harm. The reimagined version was greatly embraced by fans and soon enough regained her fame.

In the 2000s, Vampirella was purchased by Dynamite Entertainment and her character was restored. She was reimagined as a much more serious and darker personality, introduced with an origin story full of secrets from her past. This particular version of the character caught readers’ attention, and she even collaborated with other famous comic book heroes such as Red Sonja and Lady Death.