Dynamite Vampirella


Mar 25, 2013
Dynamite Vampirella

It is hard not to be a fan of Vampirella. Cool, sexy and violent, Vampirella is a character that is hard to hate. Her origin varies from story to story, but one thing remains consistent: she is a vampire. Dynamite Entertainment acquired the rights to Vampirella from Harris Publications, who obtained the rights from Warren Publishing. Other publishers aside, how is what I like to call “Dynamite Vampirella”?

The Dynamite Vampirella comic series is awesome. Vampirella now hunts down other vampires and similar supernatural threats. In issue 2, for example, Vampirella tracks a group to France, where she sprays blood all over the place. She even uses holy water and stakes, like you would imagine. But best off all, she sinks her teeth into flesh the way only a vampire could.

The artists and contributors for the Dynamite Vampirella comics does a fantastic job. The first few issues were illustrated by Wagner Reis and Fabniano Neves. The coloring is also exceptional. Combined with the inking, characters and backgrounds are vibrant and three-dimensional.

If you are a fan of Vampirella, you are in for a real treat. The Dynamite Vampirella comics come in many attractive variant covers that would make any collector proud. Dynamite also has an impressive selection of graphic novels available.

With her red revealing costume, vampire fangs and jet black hair, I could stare at her all day. Are you a fan of Dynamite Vampirella? Or did you prefer the original publishers? Comment below.