TimeShift gameplay

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The game TimeShift from 2007 was released for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Windows. It was similar to Half-Life 2 where you needed to use physics to solve puzzles while you rebel against society. With the ability to freeze, slow down or reverse time, the game would seem like a winner, but for some reason it was not well received.

Personally, I feel like the ability to take a shotgun out of someone’s hand and then use it to shoot them in their face is a gameplay concept so badass that it is hard to ignore. In TimeShift, there are also arrows that pin people to the wall (like in Half-Life 2) and guns that will shoot bullets that light people on fire. There are grenades that will stick to people, including yourself. If that happens, you can reverse time to have it removed before you die.

The enemies in TimeShift are just as awesome as the weapons. Later in the game, you encounter enemies that can run really fast (slow down time) in the same way you can. Other enemies can teleport (pause time). Your abilities force you to be on your toes to survive, for example, from a collapsing building or narrowly being crushed by a car.

Like Half-Life 2, there are vehicle missions as well, but this game is not completely a bed of roses. For some reason, the characters in TimeShift have huge, monstrous hands. Enemies have super-accurate aiming and force you to shoot at them a mile away. There is one puzzle in particular, with a giant vent fan, which repeatedly had me killed to the brink of insanity.

If you are interested in TimeShift, it is really easy to find, and cheap as well. I really loved this game myself, and I wish that some of the critics out there have given it more credit.