Tim Drake's birthday cake with Batman

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If I had to guess, I would say that the most neglected version of Robin was Tim Drake, Batman’s third sidekick. He was Robin during that whole Knightfall thing, so that’s probably how fans remember him best. It was also during the time period of the movie Batman Returns, which renewed interest in Batman and other characters like Catwoman. Fans may be wondering, when is Tim Drake’s birthday? Does he get a cake like any other kid? In Robin issue 116 we see that his sixteenth birthday is celebrated twice. First it is by his parents and peers, but the second time is with Alfred and Batman.

Tim Drake in Robin 116 is so drained that he doesn’t even remember his own birthday. Thanks to his parents, we are reminded that Tim Drake’s birthday is the 19th of July. He is turning 18 and his girlfriend asks him while on the phone what he is planning on doing, but he falls asleep. It isn’t until the pizza party at his home does he realize that it’s his birthday. Apparently Drake likes Canadian bacon and onion with artichoke hearts on his pizza because he remarks how the combination is his favorite. One of the pizzas even has the toppings spell out “happy b-day” on it. (This Robin prefers pizza, not burgers.) Drake and his girlfriend go on the rooftop and have a remarkably nice kiss. We know this from Drake’s inner dialog but the kiss is unfortunately not shown.

Robing blowing birthday candles

The most interesting part of Tim Drake’s birthday however is his celebration in The Batcave. Alfred chastises Batman for not remembering Tim’s birthday as he holds a cake. During this time, Batman is currently analyzing a mysterious gift that Drake received with some new gadgetry. As Tim is blowing out the candles, Batman complains about the possibility of the candle smoke corrupting the analysis. Alfred makes a remark about hoping that Tim wished for Batman to get a heart from the wizard. It is hard not to laugh at this scene. Be sure to pick it up (Affiliate Link) and see it for yourself.