The Punisher hates paintball

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While I was growing up in the 90s, Paintball was all the rage. All the cool kids were playing paintball, and if you weren’t, they weren’t shy to point it out. You see, paintball is a game that people play to try and look tough, when in fact they are just losers shooting paint in water-soluble balls. This is why I hate paintball. And do you know who else? The Punisher hates paintball also.

In The Punisher Summer Special 3 (Affiliate Link), (published in 1993) The Punisher uncovers a scheme where paintball players are playing the game using ball bearings instead of paint. So he goes to track down the players so he can kill them. And why does he do this? Because the Punisher hates paintball killers, I guess.

This story is incredibly stupid and the drawings are strange. They look like they were drawn using photo reference, and The Punisher doesn’t always look consistent. Something else strange is that there are no ads in this comic. It makes me wonder what context this comic was sold. There are actually three stories in this comic issue, all illustrated by different artists. The third story doesn’t even have dialog, for some reason.

During the 90s, The Punisher was a fun comic to collect, and it still is. What makes it so much fun is that The Punisher comics are easy to find and cheap to buy (Affiliate Link). But best of all is that the stories were among the best and overlooked that Marvel had to offer. As strange as it sounds, the Punisher was a likable character who was easy to empathize with. The Punisher remains my favorite Marvel character of all time.

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