Batman becomes a vampire

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In the Batman graphic novel Batman and Dracula: Red Rain, Batman becomes a vampire. In an unusual twist for a Batman story, the dark knight decides to take his at obsession to new heights… literally. Batman does what he feels is the only way to battle a new plague in Gotham. This bold classic has a story you will never forget.

Vampires have invaded Gotham, and Batman does not have the skills or ability to stop them. They are faster, stronger, better in every way. He encounters a different breed of vampires that live to kill their damned relatives. One vampire in particular, a woman, had developed a serum to act as a substitute for blood. This vampire decides to turn Batman so that he may end the evil. She knew that once Batman becomes a vampire, the city would be cleansed.

The artist for Red Rain is Kelley Jones. And let me tell you, his art style is creepy as hell. While other artists strive to have realistic anatomy, Jones strives to weird you out I guess. And for this comic novel, it works great. His renderings of vampire faces are particularly frightening.

There is one little tidbit that you should know. Batman fights Dracula. Yeah, that’s right. Batman vs Dracula. So let’s examine the situation. Batman is cool. Vampires are cool. Combining the two is as natural as sunglasses on Don Johnson’s face. Now we both know that you like you like Batman and vampires (and Don Johnson) so listen to your heart and read Red Rain. (affiliate link)