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Captain America hits Spider-Man in the face with his shield. That is one of the best things that happen in The Superior Spider-Man 8. The Avengers suspect that Spider-Man is not himself (which is true, Doctor Octopus’ mind is in his body.) The previous issue implied that Spider-Man was going to fight the Avengers, but really they just knock him out and give him a physical.

This is Superior Spider-Man 8 shows how dumb the Avengers are. They suspect Spider-Man is not right in the head, so they record his brain waves. Because none of the Avengers present know how to interpret brainwaves, they just let him off the hook and decide all is well. Seriously. Even Black Widow, the spy who is an expert at judging character, completely misses the mark.

Doc Ock however is capable of reading brain waves and discovers for the first time that Peter Parker’s memory (or some crap like that) still exists in his body and has been trying to work out a way to get his body back. This is the turning point of the comic that makes the story memorable.

Artist Humberto Ramos has a strange, cartoony way of drawing. If you need an example, you should see how goofy he draws Wolverine. There is a lot more I could discuss about Superior Spider-Man 8, but you should rather read it yourself (Affiliate Link) to understand. Comics are great and fun to read, there is no denying that. This comic is no exception. I’ve been collecting Superior Spider-Man since the beginning, and this is one of the best. If you are the kind of person that just reads the graphic novel and doesn’t bother collecting all the issues, you can do that too.

As much as I love seeing Spider-Man take a beating, I have to admit that getting hit in the face with Captain America’s shield is taking it to a whole new level. I wonder if he saw stars, or just different versions of Captain America’s shield spinning around him. Maybe it knocked some sense into him – or out of him, depending on how you look at it. Spider-Man’s face must have looked even more like a spider’s web after the impact. It’s not every day you get hit in the face with a flying shield, especially one as iconic as Captain America’s. If there’s anything that could make the Avengers look even dumber, it’s letting their friend get smacked in the face with their own teammate’s weapon. At least they finally realized that something was off about Spider-Man, even if it took them recording his brainwaves to do so.