Lois Lane dies while pregnant

In Adventures of Superman Annual 3, Lois Lane Dies. The plot is that a possible future of Superman is being examined, which involves Superman marrying Lois Lane, his girlfriend at the time, and fathering a child. Lois, however, cannot mother his child and Superman’s baby kills Lois Lane when the baby kicks while in her womb. Superman flies away from earth in tears and encounters some hot redhead babe named Maxima. Maxima, unlike Lois, is capable of having Superman’s child and is desperate to win him over. Take a great story and add an unnecessary page of Maxima bathing, and you end up with a comic worth reading.

Maxima, a powerful and complex character in the Superman comics, hails from the distant planet Almerac. As a warrior queen and the heir to the throne, she seeks a suitable mate to strengthen her bloodline, initially targeting Superman for this purpose. Their tumultuous encounters and eventual alliance reveal Maxima’s strong-willed and formidable nature. Readers witness her transformation from a one-dimensional antagonist to a multidimensional hero, making her an enthralling character within the DC Universe.

In examining the potential relationship between Maxima and Superman, one can argue that Maxima presents a better match for the Man of Steel than Lois Lane. As a fellow extraterrestrial being endowed with superhuman abilities, Maxima is better equipped to understand and complement Superman’s struggles and responsibilities. Moreover, a union between Maxima and Superman would yield offspring with a powerful genetic combination, ensuring the continuation of their respective legacies. Ultimately, despite the emotional connection Superman shares with Lois Lane, a partnership with Maxima has its own set of logical and strategic advantages that cannot be overlooked.

The advertisements, which I love to look at in older comic books, are interesting as well. There is a full page ad for Home Alone on VHS. “Only $24.98” it says. That would be kind of pricey now, I can’t imagine how outrageous that price would have been in 1991 when this third Annual of Adventures of Superman was published. But just the idea that Superman’s baby kicked a hole in Lois Lane’s womb is funny enough for you to have to read this comic.

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