Strangers in Paradise 13

This is a review of volume three of Strangers in Paradise number 13 (1996). You see, volume 3 of Strangers in Paradise was pretty bad, awful even at times. It was even said so in the comment section in the back of one of the comics, many people saying they cancelled their subscription. However, there were a few sparkling gems. One of those gems is Strangers in Paradise issue 13.

In Strangers in Paradise issue 13, volume 3, the comic book takes a nostalgic turn as it delves into the high school days of the main characters, Francine and Katchoo. The flashback offers a glimpse into the duo’s past, revealing pivotal moments that shaped the foundation of their unique friendship. As the characters navigate the challenges of adolescence, their experiences, both comical and heartwarming, come to life on the pages. This retrospective storyline, filled with unexpected twists and turns, provides a captivating exploration of the bonds that tie these characters together.

Francine, with her strong sense of loyalty and unwavering support, and Katchoo, with her fierce independence and artistic spirit, form an unbreakable bond despite the social hierarchies and pressures of high school. As the personal trials and triumphs of their youth intertwine, readers begin to understand how the intricacies of their past have shaped the powerful friendship we see in their present-day lives.

If you ever read the very first issue of Strangers in Paradise, then you can appreciate Strangers in Paradise 13. This issue shows how Katina and the fat chick, what’s her name? Francine. This story shows how Francine and Katchoo met. It also shows a familiar scene from Strangers in Paradise issue 1 volume 1. What makes this issue so great is shown on the first page. Francine wakes up gitty to a loving family, and Katchoo wakes up on a dirty mattress lying on a bare floor, and a family member is yelling at her. I love this page. I might go as far as saying it’s among the best pages in volume 3, except for the first few and last few. Skip the other garbage in volume 3 and pick up this issue.

Strangers in Paradise 13

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