Maxima DC Comics

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You may have read my article about one of my favorite stories, where Superman’s baby in Lois Lane ends up killing her. Later in the story, he finds Maxima for consolation, knowing that she is the only one that can bear his children. This hypothetical story demands that you read Action Comics 651 for clarification.

Superman and Maxima

In Action Comics 651, we see Maxima from DC Comics for the first time in the flesh, because in a few issues back we actually witnessed was a simulacrum. (I learned a new word today!) She encounters Superman and basically demands his sperm. She explains how her bloodline has been made of only the strongest warriors throughout the galaxy, and Superman would make a suitable mate. She did her homework and their DNA is compatible. She also points out that no human female could carry a Kryptonian child, so why should he refuse?

Well for one, her race destroys civilizations to seek out the strongest willed survivors, then moves on. Superman refuses and Maxima rejects him in return. The funny thing about the way Maxima was made by DC Comics was how she does not understand how anyone could refuse her hot body. Superman needed to explain that simple rational thinking is all it takes to control oneself.

Maxima has not only the apparent powers of flight and strength, but is also able to use telepathic abilities to communicate and cause visualizations. Personally, I think that Superman should have joined her and bonded with the only person he could relate to the slightest bit. Instead he sits on a planet where if a plane ran into him while he was daydreaming in the sky, he would not even feel it. But I guess that is a great idea if you want to feel superior to everyone else. Read this issue (Affiliate Link) for some awesome artwork by George Perez as well.

Maxima’s Powers

Maxima powers

One of Maxima’s primary powers is superhuman strength. She possesses immense physical power, allowing her to lift heavy objects, overpower opponents, and engage in intense combat. Her strength is on par with some of the strongest characters in the DC universe, making her a formidable force to be reckoned with.

In addition to her strength, Maxima also possesses enhanced speed and agility. She can move at incredible velocities, allowing her to react quickly in battle and perform feats that surpass human capabilities. Her agility enables her to dodge attacks and maneuver swiftly in combat situations.

Another notable power of Maxima is her telepathy. She has advanced mental abilities that allow her to read minds, communicate telepathically, and manipulate the thoughts and emotions of others. This power gives her an advantage in both combat and social situations, as she can influence or control the actions of those around her.

Furthermore, Maxima has energy projection abilities. She can emit powerful energy blasts from her hands or eyes, which she can use as offensive weapons against adversaries. These energy blasts pack a considerable punch and can cause significant damage.

Maxima’s powers also include invulnerability and accelerated healing. She possesses a high level of durability, making her resistant to physical harm and able to withstand attacks that would incapacitate or kill ordinary individuals. Her accelerated healing factor allows her to recover from injuries at an accelerated rate.

Maxima’s History

Maxima in Action Comics 645

Maxima, also known as Queen Maxima, has a rich history in DC Comics. Created by writer Roger Stern and artist George PĂ©rez, she made her first appearance in “Action Comics” #645 in 1989. Maxima hails from the planet Almerac, a highly advanced society ruled by a monarchy. As the queen of Almerac, Maxima possesses a regal demeanor and a strong sense of duty.

Maxima’s initial introduction in the comics showcased her as a powerful warrior queen seeking a mate who could match her strength. She set her sights on Superman, viewing him as the perfect partner to produce powerful offspring. However, Superman did not reciprocate her romantic feelings, leading to conflicts and misunderstandings between them.

Over time, Maxima’s character evolved beyond her initial pursuit of Superman. She became more than just a love interest and developed into a complex and multifaceted character. Maxima’s storylines often revolve around her desire for power and conquest, as well as her struggles with honor and duty.

Maxima has been depicted as both an ally and an antagonist to various DC superheroes. She has fought alongside heroes like Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Justice League on occasions when their goals aligned. However, she has also clashed with these heroes due to differing ideologies or personal agendas.

One significant storyline involving Maxima is “The Trial of Superman,” where she played a pivotal role in defending Superman against false accusations. This storyline showcased her loyalty to Superman and her willingness to fight for justice.

Maxima’s character development continued in subsequent storylines such as “Our Worlds at War” and “Superman: Our Worlds at War,” where she joined forces with other heroes to battle against cosmic threats.

Throughout her comic book history, Maxima has undergone various changes and interpretations by different writers and artists. Her motivations have shifted from seeking love to pursuing power and protecting her people. Despite her complex nature, Maxima remains a formidable and influential character in the DC universe.

Overall, Maxima’s history in comics is marked by her strength, determination, and regal presence. She has played significant roles in various storylines involving Superman and other DC heroes, showcasing her power, leadership skills, and unwavering loyalty to her people and causes she believes in.

Superman Having Children

Superman and Lois Lane's Son

The idea of Superman having children has been explored in various comic book storylines, offering intriguing possibilities and raising thought-provoking questions about his legacy and the future of Kryptonians on Earth. While Superman is often portrayed as the last son of Krypton, there have been instances where he has fathered children or considered the possibility.

One notable example is the storyline in “Superman: The Man of Steel” #25, written by Louise Simonson. In this issue, Superman discovers that he has a son named Joel Kent, who possesses similar powers to his own. This revelation leads to an exploration of Superman’s responsibilities as a father and how he balances his duties as a superhero with his role as a parent.

Another significant storyline involving Superman’s potential offspring is “Superman: Last Son,” written by Geoff Johns and Richard Donner. In this arc, Superman encounters a young boy named Chris Kent, who claims to be his son from Krypton. As the story unfolds, it delves into themes of family, identity, and the challenges of raising a child with extraordinary abilities.

Furthermore, the “Superman/Batman” series, specifically issue #53 by Michael Green and Mike Johnson, explores an alternate reality where Superman and Wonder Woman have a daughter named Lara. This storyline offers an intriguing glimpse into what could happen if Superman were to have children with another super-powered being.