Superman married Lois Lane

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Lois Lane and Clark Kent have been chasing each other since the beginning. In the old days, Lois Lane would lust have Superman, while Superman would chase Lois Lane only while disguised as Clark. It was a paradox that lead to countless hilarious situations, and the irony of the whole situation made the concept brilliant. It even lead to a series Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane (Affiliate Link) where her shenanigans became prime material for her own comic book series.

Eventually though, Clark revealed his identity to Lois after dating for a while and everyone knew that they had to get married eventually. Despite her constantly tricking, bashing and flat-out calling him stupid, who does Superman fall in love with? Yes, Lois Lane. Makes no sense to me neither. She would have also been stabbed, shots, splattered, and melted by lava countless times if it were not for him. Either way, it is great to see that Lois Lane and Clark Kent do end up together.

But here is the catch though: Superman married Lois Lane, but it almost did not happen! In the story, the two were engaged for a while, but broke it off. It was apparent that Clark broke Lois’ heart. Perhaps the change of heart (pun intended) was due to the television show, Lois and Clark, having a wedding that needed to coincide with the comic books to bring interest into a different genre. Either way, the marriage concept was not exactly solid.

When the two did finally decide to tie the knot, it was in a special called Superman: The Wedding Album. The title kind of lied, considering that it was simply the story of when Superman married Lois Lane. This comic is a woman’s fantasy, and is sure fun to read. We watch as Lois discusses getting married with her parents, picks out a wedding dress and even has a bridal shower.
Superman kissing Lois
It is sweet and charming, and is not ruined by a bunch of super heroes punching each other in the face. Do not get me wrong, there has to be violence in nearly every comic book (it is a rule at DC I guess) but we are dealing with the story of when Superman married Lois Lane. It would have been in bad taste to have Green Lantern throwing a wrecking ball into the Joker during the wedding. Luckily, nothing like that happens (like what happened when Robin and Starfire got married) .

You would not believe how often DC Comics would tease that Superman married Lois Lane. Remember that comic I mentioned earlier, Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane? Well it was on the cover of both 15 and 68. And that is just for starters. Regardless, the two did get married and it was as wonderfully portrayed as you could imagine. It was a fun read that was quite different than other Superman comics, that is for sure.

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