Robin and Starfire get married

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You may wonder, did Robin and Starfire get married ever? You probably already know that Nightwing (formerly Robin.. but it’s easier just to say Robin, or Dick) have had a relationship, and have even moved in together. But has there ever been a Robin and Starfire Wedding? The answer is yes. Robin and Starfire became engaged and nearly got married in New Titans 100 (Affiliate Link).

To reiterate, when I say that Robin and Starfire get married, I mean nearly got married. And when I say nearly, I mean that the priest just had to say “wife” and they would have been married. But of course, their marriage was interrupted by lots of super-hero stuff. You know, fighting and all that.

There are some undertones of New Titans 100. When Dick and Starfire go to get a marriage license, they are denied because Starfire is an alien. It wasn’t until Dick threatened to kick someone’s ass did they actually receive the license. Once they went outside, there was a lot of people protesting because of the same issue. I suppose this is a nudge referring to gay marriage.

Another interesting point in New Titans 100 is the tie-in to Knightfall. Dick is talking to Alfred, Batman’s butler, on the phone. He finds out that Batman had been beaten nearly to death by Bane. For those of you who are a fan of that storyline, it helps explain where Nightwing was during all this. Or perhaps you could not care less about Batman and just want to know when Robin and Starfire get married…