Superman vs Sinestro

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We all appreciate how smart Batman is and how strong Superman is, but let us be realistic here. Someone like Green Lantern is far more bad-ass with his ring that can literally create anything that he can imagine. Even cooler though is Sinestro, Green Lantern’s evil counterpart. So what would be cooler than Batman vs Sinestro? What was that you say? Nothing? Exactly. But he cannot do it alone. Superman has to pitch in. Oh, do not look so surprised.

It all takes place in World’s Finest 254. It opens with a rather brilliant and unique attack by Sinestro, where he causes all the glass from a skyscraper to shatter and rain down on civilians. Superman quickly obliterates all of the glass into a fine powder to remove any danger (because simply moving the people out of the way would have been too logical, I guess). And then through another one of Superman’s ludicrous stunts, throws handfuls of glass powder into the air and simultaneously uses his heat vision to rebuild all the windows. Because Superman apparently is an expert at manufacturing glass, just like everything else he encounters. Did I mention that he repaired ten thousand windows in ten seconds?

The short version of this story is that Batman discovers that Sinestro enlarged a brain to the size of a planet, which allowed him to have extraordinary willpower. One Superman discovers this, he mashes the brain with his fists to gain control of all the chaos that had been caused. The result is that the team-up of Superman and Batman vs Sinestro paid off. But did you expect anything less?
Batman vs Sinestro
World’s Finest 254 (Affiliate Link) also features several other stories as well featuring Green Arrow and Black Canary. Something about them being in Earth 2, and Canary was going to be a queen, and her scream was going to bridge Earth 1 and Earth and destroy everyone. Yeah, I am confused too. But who cares, right? Those bonus stories are just filler. If you want to see two super heroes teaming up against Sinestro, read this comic.