Gog vs Superman (Dc Comics)

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We have all heard of Doomsday, the man who was Superman’s match and killed him, but another villain named Gog was born, thanks to DC Comics and their brilliant writers. A man dedicates his life to going back in time to save his parents after Superman saves him from tragedy as a child. Although Gog succeeds in building a machine to go back in time, he fails to go back far enough to rescue his parents. So instead he gives his futuristic technology to his past self, while still a kid.

Gog kills Superman

DC Comics had outdone themselves with the story in Action Comics 825. We see Gog vs Superman, who by then developed an army to try and kill the man of steel. What he did not count on, however, was Doomsday showing up to accomplish the same task. Gog had also put Superman in an awkward place by forcing him to either fight and protect his city, or go and save his family, who was also being attacked simultaneously.

The problem with these future and past stories is that they are hard to follow. But even worse than that that is trying to decide what is canon and what is not. In this story, we see that DC Comics had decided that Gog kills Superman. Or so it would seem, as he was actually transported elsewhere, where he was tortured for two centuries. During this time, his enemy decided to entice him with the options of bringing him back in time to save his family, create world peace, or even save Krypton. He says no to all.

The result is that instead of Gog breaking Superman, the opposite happens. He goes back in time to make things right. Or at least I think that is what happens. Like I said, these stories are hard to understand at times. Just know that DC Comics had done a phenomenal job with Action Comics 825 and with this extra-long issue and amazing story, you should pick it up for sure.