Major Force DC Comics

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You may have heard of Major Force, a DC Comics villain that is as useless as he is original. Even the way he looks is stupid. But I am getting ahead of myself. I had just gone through Action Comics 883 (can you believe the series lasted that long?) and although I was not very interested in the main story, the secondary story with Major Force peaked my interest.

Why did it peak my interest, you may ask? That is a good question, because this second story is drip-fed in minuscule sections that make it rather pointless to try and follow. Regardless, let us take a look at Major Force. Captain Atom explains that the guy is his arch enemy, which clears things up for anyone just tuning in. And what do they do? You guessed it. They fight. How original.

So who is Major Force, really? He was created the same way as his counterpart, and first appeared in Captain Atom, issue 12 (Affiliate Link) (the older series, not that New 52 crap). So what made him so bad? He was just a bad dude to start with. Kind of like Venom and Eddie Brock. And what are his powers? Same as Captain Atom. Sigh.
Major Force vs Captain Atom

And last but not least, Major Force has to be the dumbest name for a super villain ever created. Although it would make a great name for a serial rapist, admittedly. Where do I come up with these ideas? Sometimes I feel as if my talent has been wasted.