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Ever heard of Dabney Donovan? Me neither. Apparently he is a villian against Superman, I suppose. I was able to get a good look at him in Action Comics 698. But it is not Superman he is after, but rather Lex Luthor. You see, Dabney Donovan created the clone body for Lex, the new body that encompassed his real brain after his body went to mush. Or something like that. It hard to keep up with all these comic books, know what I mean?

Through some sort of flimsy motivation (like most villians) Dabney Donovan sends an army or clone monster alien things to go attack LexCorp. And oh yeah, they explode too. Superman saves the day as usual, but Lex Luthor was never in any real danger. As the genius he is, he predicted what was coming and set up a trap from a distance.

That is basically the gist of the story. At the end of Action Comics 698, we see Lois trying to to upload an article about Lex using a dial-up modem. Remember those things? When your computer would make a phone call and send data? Anyway, Lex Luthor intervenes and alters the article to ruin Lois Lane’s reputation.

There really is not much else to say about Dabney Donovan, because his place in the story is so brief. This comic book from 1993 has an advertisement for NBA Jam on the back cover. For those who do not know, it was probably the only sports video game that everyone enjoyed playing, even those who hated sports. There is also an ad for Weird Science, but not the movie. Rather, it is an ad for the television spin-off show. I have never seen the show myself, however based on the ads I can safely say that the main actress, Vanessa Angel, was way hotter than Kelly Le Brock ever was. Who is that, you ask? Well she used to be married to Steven Seagal, was apparently sexually abused her on a daily basis.

But I am getting too off topic. Just go and read this comic already if you have been wondering about Dabney Donovan at all. Leave a comment with your opinion.

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