starfire kisses raven

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Such a bizarre statement on so many levels. Out of all times and places, Starfire and Raven kiss on the same day as when Nightwing and Starfire were supposed to get married. What do I mean by supposed to? I mean the priest performing the wedding ceremony was just wrapping things up, and just when he was about to say “husband and wife” he got blasted into a skeleton. The blast was from Raven who apparently just escaped an eternal slumber. So the wedding suddenly turns into heroes fighting villains.

The action happens in The New Teen Titans 100. At this point we are dealing with Evil Raven, alongside characters like Deathwing. As the name implies, this is the darker version of Nightwing, made from all of Dick Grayson’s insecurities and hate that was bottled up inside him. Deathwing and Nightwing fight as Deathwing insists that he is Nightwing’s future self and that it is inevitable that he will end up like him.

Roy Harper makes an appearance as the character Arsenal. In the heat of battle he mentions that he used to work out with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Austria. He goes on to say that he told Roy that he wanted to be an actor. Roy responded by saying that he wanted to be a super-hero. It’s really bizarre how a real person was brought into a fictional comic universe.

Evil Raven decides that she wants to spend some alone time with Kory (Starfire) and creates a sort of electric cage to keep people from interfering. Raven says that she is not really Raven, since her flesh has died, but the soul doesn’t die and has a life of its own. Her soul was brought to Azarath so Azar could teach her to control her soul. When Raven died there was nothing to control her evil soul since it came from father Trigon The Terrible.

This is when we see Starfire and Raven kiss. Raven explains that Trigon sired one hundred children, and they are all within her. She then locks lips with Starfire and says that one of them will be reborn inside her. Raven then escapes with Deathwing as Grayson and Starfire cry out in defeat. The story in this issue ends with Kory leaving in an ambulance and Roy Harper being ordered to be the new leader of the Titans by Checkmate.

So yeah, there you go. Starfire and Raven kiss under a bizarre set of circumstances. Perhaps this was not the kind of kissing we both hoped they would have, but their lips touched and so it still counts. Be sure to get it (Affiliate Link). It’s a monumental issue and has a cool shiny cover. Check it out.