Alfred Beats Superman into Ground

Who doesn’t love Alfred Pennyworth, the beloved butler of Batman? Not just another character but informally considered Bruce Wayne’s father as well. As a father would love their son, Alfred cares about Batman to the point of defending him against anyone, even Superman. This is the situation they found themselves in as Alfred beats Superman into the ground for hurting his son. But how is this possible?

The story takes place in Injustice: Gods Among Us, a comic series based off the 2013 video game. Superman had a sort of super-pill in his possession, which had the ability to give average people super-strength. Batman and his allies, who were currently opposed to Superman and his agendas, decide to steal this super-pill so it could be replicated. Batman took a gigantic risk and brought the pill to the Bat-Cave to be analyzed. Unfortunately Green Arrow, who helps steal the pill, didn’t escape with his life.

As predicted, Superman finds Batman as his computer is analyzing the pill. In an effort to distract Superman to buy some more time, Batman reminds him how his killed Green Arrow, and failed to protect Lois earlier in the story. This is when Superman decided to incapacitate Batman in the same style that Bane broke his back. As Superman tortures him in an effort to discover who has access to the pill’s analysis, we discover that they are not alone in the Bat-Cave. Alfred had taken the super-pill and uses it to put Superman in his place by head-butting him and breaking his nose. In a moment of glory we see that Alfred beats Superman into the ground , while letting him know that he doesn’t get to hurt his family any more.

Alfred knocks out Superman

This happens in the final issue of this series (Affiliate Link), which is Year One of Injustice: Gods Among Us. A good old Civil War has always been entertaining, where the superheroes are divided. It is also especially interesting when Superman becomes the enemy, which has happened in Kingdom Come and Red Son. Beside that Alfred beats Superman, this series also shows Superman killing Joker and Nightwing tripping over a rock and breaking his neck. So there is a lot to see and read, so I definitely recommend this series.