Batman kisses Wonder Woman

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Now you may be wondering why on Earth would these two lock lips? They are very different people and don’t particularly care for each other. If you guessed it was some sort or ruse or scheme then you would be correct, although it’s not one of DC Comic’s infamous bait-and-switch cover stories but rather it’s organically woven into the story. We have Batman kissing Wonder Woman for no other reason but to fool a villain called Copperhead.

The story is in Brave and the Bold issue 78 with a rather peculiar opening. Batman stops a hijacked armored car by using a portable laser gun. The ultra-powerful beam cuts through the solid steel truck, splitting it in half. While distracted with this task, a few avenue’s away Copperhead steals a queen’s tiara right off her head and escapes by climbing a building. Batman tries to chase after him with a rope but fails. Gordon goes off on him, pointing his finger in Batman’s face and says that Copperhead has repeatedly made him look foolish.

On page five we see shocked bystanders on the street as the look up at the sky. They see Wonder Woman flying with a stick emitting smoke, and she drawing out a message that says she loves Batman. Then Batgirl flies a plane over the message and writes her own message in its place. The message says “Only I love Batman, Batgirl”. The bystanders guess that it must be some sort of gag. Commissioner Gordon observes the sky along side Batman and asks him to explain, however Batman claims to not have the foggiest idea. Wonder Woman attacks Batgirl and her plane, causing Batman to intervene. Batgirl declares a contest between her and Wonder Woman to show who really loves Batman more. Batman objects but the bystanders are digging it.

Batgirl gives Batman a new cape for his birthday and Wonder Woman mines gold and sculpts a statue of batman out of it. She flies it over and drops it in the park where Batman and Batgirl happen to be. This mischief continues until Copperhead is convinced that everything he had been observing is genuine and decides to steal The Casque of Montezuma while Batman is distracted. A lot of back-and-forth happens here where they try to fool each other..

We see Batman kissing Wonder Woman, done forcefully by Wonder Woman to make Batgirl jealous. At this point we believe that the two of them have really fallen for Batman. The two of them even hid notes with their secret identities in the park as a gift for Batman. Copperhead was eavesdropping and it becomes a race to the park to retrieve the note. A lot happens in this issue (Affiliate Link) so be sure to pick it up and read it for yourself. After all, who wouldn’t love the idea of Wonder Woman and Batgirl fighting over them?