Bullseye vs Black Widow

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You may have heard of Natasha Romanoff, the spy from Marvel Comics who gained popularity after being played by Scarlett Johansson. You also may have heard of Bullseye, the enemy of Daredevil, as seen played by Colin Farrell. So when Bullseye decides to set up a trap for Daredevil, what better bait than a woman who he cares about? This situation helps set up Bullseye vs Black Widow, a sudden and surprising fight taken place in Black Widow’s apartment.

The story takes place in Daredevil issue 160 and is called “In the Hands of Bullseye”. In the epilogue it is implied that there is a curse of the black widow, as she feels a vague uneasiness. She returns to her penthouse apartment, swinging in through the window after swinging from a rope. Apparently she lives in New York’s Waldorf Towers. She settles in for quiet seclusion so that she can let her hair down and forget that she brings death to everyone she touches. However after removing her bracelets she discovers that Bullseye had been sitting in a chair, waiting for her arrival. He is holding a hairbrush and immediately attacks her, throws it straight like a dagger and shattering the mirror behind Black Widow as she narrowly dodges it. He does the same with a picture frame and a vase, showing how he is able to use anything as a weapon.

She tries to reach for her bracelets but is strangled from behind with the cord of a hairdryer. When Bullseye reveals his plan to use her as bait to kill her and Daredevil, we see her attack more viciously. It is here where we see Bullseye vs Black Widow the most. She does a backward side kick to hit him in the back, and then hits him in the front with her elbow. A flying leap fails as she misses a kick, destroying a statue behind him. The fight is over after Bullseye knocks a chandelier down on top of her.

Bullseye fights Black Widow

Daredevil discovers Black Widow had been taken by Bullseye and investigates. In the following issue, Daredevil 161, he finds them both at Coney Island amusement park. Black Widow seemed to be tied to the tracks of the Cyclone roller coaster in order to draw out Daredevil and make him vulnerable to gunfire. However it turned out that she was just a dummy set up as a trap. The real Black Widow manages to escape on her own, and together with Daredevil they manage to capture Bullseye.

These stories to me are always fun, especially when they take place in real-life locations like Coney Island, and even feature a popular roller coaster. This sort of thing brings forward a new dimension of reality to these fictional stories, making them more believable and easier to picture in your imagination. Be sure to pick up (Affiliate Link) Daredevil 160 yourself so that you can see Bullseye vs Black Widow. This comic issue is not terribly expensive to collect, so you should have no problem getting your hands on it. What are your thoughts with this story? Leave a comment.