Harley Quinn Pregnant from Joker

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Not an entirely new concept, it has been implied that Harley Quinn was pregnant by The Joker in 2011’s video game Arkham City with the presence of a positive pregnancy test. However in comics it is a different story. Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Two paints a different story, as we get to hear first-hand about her pregnancy and even more interesting, her daughter Lucy.

Harley Quinn had been hiding in The Arrow Cave, a badly named hideout of Green Arrow before he was killed by Superman. She was hiding in there because Green Arrow thought that if Superman were to find her, he would kill her. Black Canary (Green Arrow’s wife) decides to visit the hideout and is surprised to see Harley Quinn inside, practicing her archery. They begin to have a little fight until Black Canary stops the fight because she has to puke. This is when Harley Quinn realizes that she has morning sickness and must be pregnant.

This is when Harley Quinn says that she’s not going to fight Black Canary because she remembers what it was like to be pregnant and how hard it was. When questioned, we find out that Harley was pregnant from The Joker. She says that she has a daughter named Lucy that lives with her sister. When she left for a year while pregnant, she came back to The Joker and he acted as if he didn’t even notice she was gone. Harley also mentions that Lucy has been kept a secret from Joker, since she believes telling him would be a bad idea. This takes place in issue 7 (Affiliate Link) of Injustice Year Two, published 2014.

Harley Pregnant with Batman

However this wouldn’t be the last time we would see Harley Quinn pregnant from The Joker. In another story from 2019 called Batman: Curse of the White Knight we see a similar situation. Batman is shocked to see Harley with a baby bump, but the situation is different. At the time, Joker (Jack Napier) was taking pills that suppressed his psychopathic tendencies. This brought forth a completely different person. Ironically, he became a good person. This was in issue 2.

What are your thoughts about Harley Quinn being pregnant? Inappropriate? Strange? I think it’s weird whenever they do this sort of thing to comic book characters. I like to think of them as arbitrary story-telling objects that aren’t completely grounded in the real world. If I wanted that, I would read a more realistic book and not one based on superpowers and monsters and stuff, know what I mean? Let me know in the comments what you think.